Available Speakers

Below is a list of members of the Long Island Master Gardeners and the topics of their presentations. To request a speaker please follow the instructions below.

By email: On the list below click the speaker's name next to the topic of your choice. This will enable you to send an email directly to the chosen speaker. Include in your email the location, available dates, topic of interest to your group, your name, email address, phone number, and group name. The speaker you have chosen will contact you.

Speaking fees and dates: Dates, topics, and fees are negotiated directly with the speaker. Long Island Master Gardeners serves only as a means for groups to obtain speakers for gardening topics. Long Island Master Gardeners receives no remuneration for this service and assumes no liability for providing this service.

Long Island Master Gardener Speaker Topics

A Biochemist's Garden: How to apply basic chemical knowledge and technology to obtain a consistently sustainable growing of vegetables.

Speaker: Guy D'Angelo

Butterfly Garden: Attracting butterflies by providing the right plants. You will also learn about metamorphosis (the life cycle) and how to attract local butterflies to sip nectar and lay eggs in your garden all summer long.

Speaker: Ann Marie O'Neil

Herb Gardening: Learn about the selection, planting, and many uses of herbs. Take cuttings, starting seeds, and preservation methods including drying and freezing will be discussed. This presentation can be given with focus on culinary herbs with recipes.

Speaker: Ann Marie O'Neil

Natural Lawn Care: Aquifers supply Long Islanders with drinking water. Learn about types of grass, watering, mowing guidelines, nutrients vs, fertilizers, alternatives to herbicides and pesticides. Let's stop poisoning the birds, bees, and ourselves!

Speaker: Ann Marie O'Neil

Soothing Your Skin with Herbal Oils and Salves: You can make oils and salves using olive oil, bees wax, and fresh plant material from plants you grow yourself. It's simple! Recipes will be provided.

Speaker: Ann Marie O'Neil

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