How to make a Hypertufa pot.
                                                                          By George Costa


  1. Two containers that fit together with about a 2-inch gap between them. (These will become the mold for your hypertufa pot).
  2. Perlite.
  3. Peat moss.
  4. Portland cement.
  5. Large container, trough, wheelbarrow, etc to mix materials.
  6. Waterproof gloves to protect hands.


  1. Mix equal parts of perlite, peat moss and Portland cement in the trough.

  2. Slowly add water to the dry mix, stirring constantly, until the final mixture is the consistency of cottage cheese.

  3. Put some of the wet mixture in the bottom of the larger mold container to a depth of about 2 inches. This will be the base of your hypertufa pot.

  4. Center the smaller container within the larger container so it rests on top of the wet mixture and you can see a gap of about 2 inches between the walls of the containers.

  5. Add the wet concrete mixture to the gap between the two containers. This will become the side wall of your hypertufa pot. Continue to add the wet cement mixture so the depth of your finished hypertufa pot will be able to hold enough soil for your plants.

  6. 1-2 days after making your hypertufa pot, remove the inner container.

  7. 2-3 days after making your hypertufa pot, remove the outer container and drill a drainage hole (about 1/2 inch) in the bottom of your hypertufa pot.

  8. Press gently as you drill so as not to crack the cement mixture (it's hard, but it still can crack.)

       Keep your hypertufa pot outside and spray with water daily for a month to cure the cement mixture.

      Your hypertufa pot is not ready for plants yet! Leave it outside until next year before you add soil and your succulents.